Vivid Sydney x FORD – The Mobility Revolution

What’s the future of our cars? As part of the ‘Light’, ‘Music’, and ‘Idea’ event, VIVID Sydney partnered with Ford for a robust panel discussion complemented with the Sydney Harbour and VIVID Lights.

The event took place on the terrace of the Museum of Contemporary Art, where a crowd of smart, enthusiastic people gathered to brainstorm about ways to improve our living. We have already been introduced with electric vehicles, autonomous driving and ride-sharing in this century, but are we getting the most out of it?

VIVID Sydney Ford Mobility Revolution

Future Crunch co-founders, Dr Angus Hervey and Tane Hunter, are part of a global movement of scientists, technologists, hackers and creatives. They unfolded the night by introducing some influential professionals in the world.

Graeme Whickman, President and CEO of Ford Australia and New Zealand, opened up his vision for the company. Is he going ‘UP’, or ‘DOWN’? He mentioned that his team dreams big but acts practically. Mr. Whickman gave us a spoiler alert by saying that something exciting is going to happen soon.

VIVID Sydney Ford Mobility Revolution

Dr. Catherine Ball, co-creator of the World Of Drones Congress, shared a story about her serious car accident which can easily be avoided with our current technology. Computerised vehicles are learning more about our driving behavior, as the baby step to roll out autonomous driving.

Dr. Ball expressed no concern about robots taking over our lives as soon as we utilise the technology wisely. She also stressed the future is on our hands — it’s entirely up to us to voice our will to have technology to ease our lives.

After an intensive Q&A session, a live illustration was also performed by a talented artist, showcasing lots of brilliant innovative ideas hidden in the drawing.

VIVID Sydney Ford Mobility Revolution

The hour-long panel discussion was followed by a relaxing networking session for both the invited panelists and guests to mingle, which was served with free-flow drinks and scrumptious canapés. What’s not to love with some chilled bubbles in front of the stunningly beautiful VIVID Lights at the Sydney Opera House?

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