Goodbar Re-Launches on Oxford

Goodbar opened with all the premium fanfare expected of this icon of Oxfor Street. The 24th of August saw the launch studded with VIPs, delectable signature cocktails, and incredibly good music.
Ideally placed outside the lockout zone, and looking extra snazzy (couresy of Alex Zabotto Bently and team) – it was immediately obvious this would be the perfect destination for those looking to dance away the night in class.
Coupled with a sneak peak at a menu by none other than Drew Bolton, the food served lived up to the ‘good’ name and more.
As we mingled and sipped the evening away, the upstairs cocktail lounge gave way to the equally swanky underground club beneath – featuring the best of vibes from Barney Cools.
With guests such as Zelda Williams and Josh Flinn, to name a few, at the launch; and may more international acts to follow post launch; we can’t wait to see Goodbar bring a renewed zest to Oxford Street this September¬†and beyond.
Find Goodbar online at: