Official Playboy Party – Glamour, Class and Belvedere

The Cross isn’t exactly a part of town The Plus Ones have ventured out to all too often, more so on a Thursday.

But Playboy was about to have its way with this otherwise humdrum evening, with the first Official Playboy Party at The X Studio, and we just had to check out what all the full was about.

Now I must admit, the first words that came to our minds when Playboy was mentioned were along the lines of “sexy,” “raunchy,” and oh so “naughty” – rather apropos for the Cross hey? Boy, were we in for a surprise.


We were lost in speculation as we approached a rather unassuming black door (the mark of many great secret/private parties we’ve been to). Stepping through though, this vapid black was swiftly replaced by a positive deluge of luxe. A projected Playboy logo ushered us through a doorway framed by exquisite red drapes, and gated by velvet ropes; past a red-carpet backdrop, and into a barrage of photographers and paparazzi.

This was just the beginning.


Dazed and impressed, we made it past and through to the main room, only to be greeted by yet another gargantuan Playboy logo on an even bigger display wall. As we re-focus to a relatively dimmer setting around, we realized we were surrounded by a sea of VIP booths occupied by about as many people as bottles of Belvedere and champagne (and not the kind you see on Happy Hour menus either).

It all felt very intimate, exclusive, private…yet exciting. So, pretty much the VIP room of a chic nightclub? No. This had all the makings of the infamous Playboy Mansion.


The floor was interspersed with platforms showcasing everything from a gorgeous burlesque dancer, to a warren of Playboy bunnies, to an equally good looking male model who was the willing subject of a body artist – much to the delight of the female attendees, including my plus one!

As we made our way through this ensemble of entertainment, crowd, and glamour fit for Hefner’s personal abode; we realized Playboy was giving us not a preview of the pages of their magazine, but rather, a taste of the authentic “Playboy lifestyle.” Elegance, sophistication, and all class.

– Ace
Ace is the Director of The Plus Ones – Sydney. He is a marketeer/eventologist who suffers from a chronic case of FOMO, and is pursuing his lifelong goal of spending the least amount of time possible at chez lui (well, when he’s not half-way through an astrophysics doco).

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Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of Moment Media.