Cake Bake And Sweets Show

“Australia’s biggest event dedicated to everything baking & beyond” is what the flyer promised me. It being my birthday, I thought, well alright then! I figured I knew quite a lot about baking, cupcakes and frosting, but today, today I gained a whole new level of insight.


With a combined 12 stages and theatres hosting (master) classes, workshops, and almost 100 stands; the Cake Bake and Sweets Show was heaven on earth for everyone from the average cake lover,  to housewives, to maybe even more the semi-professional caker or baker.

Just in and I was already struggling to get around and take it all in. Surrounded by enthusiastic, happy, pro-active and very eager (largely female) attendees who were trying to get every bit of new knowledge, food samples, a hands-on experience; or just the latest, greatest foodstuffs and accessories (all for free or a special show price).


Honestly, I couldn’t blame them. If there were any place where you would be able to find your ultimate piping bag or learn everything about edible printed images, this was it! Besides the odd one out, everything had to do with food and how to eat it, decorate it, mould it, roll it, frost it or print it.

There was healthy baking, (cup) cake decorating, a bakery classroom, cake pops, cake toppers, and special cake boxes with beautiful handles.


There were also celebrity chefs, TV stars, book signings, and to top it off, you can win free appliances. Not to forget workshops, championships, bake-offs and for the not-so-sweet tooth among us (like many of the male attendees), there was bread, pie, tea, health food, and gorgeous edible art inspired by Sydney.

Now after all that, I realized, if you felt like learning more, doing more, experiencing more, you could always sign up for an online course or just an old fashioned afternoon or day workshop that fits your time schedule.


I finished my Cake Bake and Sweets day off at the ‘cupcake decorating station,’ where one is challenged to bring out the best in themselves by decorating 4 mini cupcakes.  Luckily they supplied some creative animal examples for the beginners among us (me) and loads of materials, so you could be as creative as your imagination let you.

There was much more I could go on about at the Cake Bake and Sweets Show, but in all fairness, if you like what you just read, I would just suggest you get out there to taste and experience it yourself, so you understand the full glory of all the day’s lusciousness.


– Ayla
Ayla Haverkamp, ‘The Dutchess’, is a Dutch girl in Sydney with a communications degree and a heart for organizing. She loves to travel the world, learn and explore new things every day, and is a cinema guru.

The Cake Bake and Sweets Show runs from 12th June to 14th June. Details and tickets are available here.

Disclosure: The Plus Ones attended the Cake Bake and Sweets Show courtesy of National Media.