Mythology Exhibition Launch – Affectors

The rooftop of the Rydges, a traditionally corporate function space, went through quite the transformation at the hands of Affectors.

The Mythology exhibition was less of an exhibition, and more of an experience. The moment we stepped into the waiting area, this was evident.


Complimentary glass of champagne in hand, as we stepped on to the unique in-ground glass aquarium in the waiting area, I couldn’t help but think “they couldn’t have picked a better venue if they tried!” Standing atop a what essentially resembled a seabed (live fish and all), I’m certain many would have been convinced they were already at the exhibition.

A little more bubbly, and a bit more chatter later, we were ushered to the elevator…and wow. Bedecked with leaves, vines, and shrubbery; this was no less than a portal to the Jurassic.


As we made our way out and on to the corridor, we were stopped short of entering the main room by a section best described as something seemingly out of the Matrix – a virtual reality booth. Having been to more art launches than I can count, this was, hands down, one of the coolest things I’d seen at one. Sit down, stick on your VR headset, and be transported into an entirely different reality.

All this before we’d even entered the main room. “Wow,” I thought.


Making our way into the main room, we’d stepped into what appeared to be a labyrinth of of experiences through time – from rustic-chic tents, to beautifully crafted pieces, to artwork that could have told a thousand-year-old folklore. Yet everything had been infused with the perfect dash of contemporary, to seamlessly tie it into the evening’s uber-cool launch party vibe.

With delectable canapés, tapas, and nibbles as far as the eye could see; and a bevy of roaming champagne angels transforming ordinary glassware into seemingly bottomless chalices of bubbly; the evening was a cauldron of conversation and mingling for a lively, artsy, hip, twenty something, and thoroughly impressed crowd.


Affectors engineered what I can only describe as a complete, immersive sensory journey through time and tales, delivered through an incredibly diverse yet fitting mélange of mediums and artists.

– Ace
Ace is the Director of The Plus Ones – Sydney. He is a marketeer/eventologist who suffers from a chronic case of FOMO, and is pursuing his lifelong goal of spending the least amount of time possible at chez lui (well, when he’s not half-way through an astrophysics doco).

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Photography by Georgia Drew.