HIJINKS “15 Minutes of Fame” Party

You don’t often associate travel attractions such as Madam Tussauds with amazing theme parties – until The Festivalists had their way with it! But then again, who wouldn’t want to attend a party with celebrities from all mediums, nations and eras…well, at least uber-realistic wax versions of them.

As you stroll down the red carped, to your complimentary drink and the perfect pose in mind for your “15 minutes of fame,” you feel almost intimidatingly famous (in the best possible way). Many went out of their way with their outfits to win the Fancy Dress prize, and boy was it worth it. The wax figures and the pretend-celebrities blended into one stellar VIP crowd that would stop the presses.

The venue itself was no less incredible either. From performances to multiple pop-up bars, coupled with the activities and fanfare, you wouldn’t have been surprized if the max figures came alive.

Get your mandatory poses with Captain Cool and the POTUS, then go chill with the royal family for a chin-wag.

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Then move on to meet and greet your favorite sports celebrities, be it Don Bradman or Greg Norman, before taking on many of them with the interactive sporting games, thinking “damn, I would have practiced more.”

But by far the room you’d want to be in the most – The one with your favorite pop stars! From Michael Jackson to Katy Perry, there’s probably not enough memory on your phone for the number of poses you’d want with these veritable idols.

Ready to geek out? Learn all about how these incredible wax figures came to look just so incredible – no big surprize, but it’s pretty complicated!

Grab a bite, grab a drink, because things are about to get a whole lot more exciting again. Stepping into the TV/Movie rooms is when you realize you hadn’t actually been to the most fun room yet.

Your kick into inner-child mode as you meet your favorite superhero and fly over the city – we virtually anyway.

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Ready for some big name celebrity fun? Your dream of being on Oprah is about to come true, along with a very different kind of dream you had about meeting your crushes like Beyonce or Ryan Gosling (or both).


As the party kicks along, remember to take copious amounts of selfies, to help get your Facebook friends and Instagram followers baffled, and green with envy – just don’t tell them about the “wax figures” figures part!

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All in all, HIJINKS parties don’t seem like ones you’d want to miss for any reason, so keep posted for the next one through their Facebook page here.

– Team TPO


Photos courtesy of the Hijinks Facebook Page