Lola Berry’s Happy Place preview and launch

Lola Berry just launched her new holistic juice bar Happy Place in the South Melbourne Market. Two of The Plus Ones’ writers went along for her preview and official launch and got a little more happiness in their lives.

Lola Berry Happy Place Melbourne

Lola Berry’s Happy Place preview at Glasshaus

On a frosty Melbourne morning, yoga is the perfect way to get the juices flowing. Nestled in a quiet side street, Cremorne’s Glasshaus Nursery provided the perfect surrounds for our Friday morning yoga class, hosted by Lola Berry.

Lola has been exciting the world about health and nutrition one step at a time. As we sat on our Lululemon yoga mats, surrounded by the serenity of lush greenery, she spoke of her love for crystals and the wellness they can bring the body through crystal water. We were each given a unique crystal to use during our yoga practice. She described her vision to create Happy Place, where great, tasty food and drinks are also healthy and nutritious.

Lola Berry Happy Place Melbourne

While the weather outside was around 6 degrees, there was no doubt Lola’s yoga class warmed us all up very quickly. Explaining how she was a DJ in her younger years, she cranked the beats up to eleven to help motivate us during our practice.

After the class, we were treated to some of the delicious items to be found at Happy Place. Mouth-watering green smoothies and nourishing puddings were a-plenty as well as numerous other wholesome items.

It was a beautifully invigorating way to begin my Friday. I can’t wait to head to Lola’s Happy Place in South Melbourne Market to try out some more delectable healthy treats.

– Danielle
Danielle is a singer-songwriter whose inner yogi keeps her creative mind flowing.

Lola Berry Happy Place Melbourne

Lola Berry Happy Place Opening

Lola Berry has paved her way as a go to for all things healthy living and eating and forged her path as a yogi, but it can now be argued she is a connoisseur of all things happy with the opening of her brand new juice bar, Happy Place at the South Melbourne Market.

I first encountered Lola Berry a few years ago when I was practicing yoga at Yoga 213, before her first book had come out and just as she was fresh out of yoga teacher training. In these classes you could tell very quickly there was something refreshing and unique about her take on life. Happy Place is the culmination of all her personal mantras and general enthusiasm to help others. Smoothies are infused with flower essences for spiritual and mental health, and a giant crystal quartz is slap bang in the middle of the counter. This place is a recipe for physical, mental, and spiritual health.

Lola Berry Happy Place Melbourne

Happy Place is the brainchild of both Lola Berry and her long-term friend Salvatore Malatesta (of St Ali).  Lola in particular doesn’t take herself too seriously, cracking jokes about Sal wanting to call the bone broth ‘The Happy Boner’. (Being a vegan I’m not down on bone broth, but my plus one assured me it was great.)

The extensive smoothie menu is crystal infused, the fresh juices feel like a cleanse as they go down your throat, and I actually managed to down three blissballs because they were too good to be true. This literally is a Happy Place, with the mantra of helping people to live their best life.

– Maddie
Maddie Kilby is a freelance writer amongst many vocations and is the type of person who gets bored easily and likes to find herself in weird places doing weird things. You can follow her at @MadKil6.

Happy Place
Shop 56 South Melbourne Market
117 Cecil Street, South Melbourne
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Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of AMPR.
Photo credit: AMPR.