Circus Oz’s show ‘Twenty Sixteen’

Mischief and mayhem reign supreme under the big top of Circus Oz’s ‘Twenty Sixteen’ show currently on at Birrarung Marr. It’s an evening of whimsy and acrobatic sophistication perfect for the family or that special date night to remember.

From flips and tricks to flying through the air on a trapeze, the Circus Oz team captures all you would expect from a modern-day circus. A highlight of the evening was the team of April Dawson and Matt Wilson performing the most unique wardrobe exchange I’ve ever seen. With April atop Matt’s head, the duo traded dress for suit, shoes and all, with a casual stroll across the stage. It was mesmerising act that had me constantly guessing how they would make the next exchange happen.

CircusOz 2016 Twenty Sixteen Melbourne

The scenes of gravity-defying acrobatics are interrupted with comedic stylings from some distinctly Melburnian clowns. They are a yoga inspired and moderately trend-aware trio who bring a side of slapstick comedy and cultural jokes along the way. There aren’t any giant shoes and squirting flowers, although one does have a rainbow beard.

Along with the memorable acts comes the music, with a band as energised and integrated into the show as the high flyers and acrobats. The songs varied from upbeat to eerie, perfectly supporting the desired mood and atmosphere for each performance. In short, ‘Twenty Sixteen’ is more than a bit of acrobatics on stage, it’s an experience where no element from music to lighting is forgotten.

CircusOz 2016 Twenty Sixteen Melbourne

Clowns, acrobats, unicyclists, and live music all under a heated big top, ‘Twenty Sixteen’ presents both the absurd and the captivating in a fun and whimsical show for all ages. They even have popcorn and some delicious food stands waiting for you either before the show or during intermission. So buy tickets today so you don’t miss out!

– Candice
Candice Vallimont is a nerd of many sorts from books and musical theatre to design and decadent cuisines. She grew up on musical theatre as spectator, actor, dancer and crew member.

Circus Oz’s show ‘Twenty Sixteen’ runs Wednesday through Sunday until 10 July. Buy tickets now.
Seating: Allocation with wheelchair accessibility.

Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of Circus Oz and Starling Communications.
Photo credit: Rob Blackburn.