Darkfield: A review of Flight and Séance.

Darkfield, created by UK-based creative directors and Darkfield founders Glen Neath and David Rosenberg is a collection of multi-sensory audio experiences in complete darkness. Yes, that’s right – you’re in a pitch-black shipping container facing your biggest fears. Darkfield’s Flight and Séance uses binaural (read: INCREDIBLE) audio, sensory deprivation and special effects to allow you to immerse yourself into each thrilling experience.


A few things usually cross my mind when on an aeroplane. Something to the words of ‘would you like a drink?’ Or perhaps ‘please put your handbag in the overhead locker’. However, this was not the case in Darkfield’s Flight.

Flight transports you quite literally to different versions of reality. In each scene you might land safely, in other instances you, well don’t. The Flight container’s set-up had real aviation seats, tray tables and little airplane windows – even at one point I could swear I saw a pilot walk past, or perhaps I just heard him as I was distracted by the air hostess appearing in the mini screen above. As an avid flyer myself, I was quick to hope that the clinking drinks trolley that I could hear in my headphone was serving something a little stronger. To add to the mystery and fear factor, the crew mentioned that this former set was recovered from an aeroplane graveyard.

If you’ve got an upcoming flight booked, I’d recommend giving this one a miss. Or enter at your own risk..


Moving onto a more supernatural theme, Séance is an intense sonic performance that explores the psychology of a group of people who have been bombarded with suggestible material. I will admit, this was the immersive experience that really shook me.

As our fellow patrons were taken to the next 40ft shipping container, we were seated in plush, velvet theatre seats. Once the doors were shut and as lights flickered, I held hope that they might stay on. Quickly, I could hear the séance host summoning and inviting all those who believe to join, quite literally. Footsteps and loud, unexpected voices quickly filled the room while we were asked to place our hands on the table.

You’ll have to experience the rest of the show for yourself, but let’s just say you will be wanting to melt away into the darkness. At one point (while gripping my seat) I had the host’s voice whispering in my left ear, which left a horrified sensation that drifted right through me. Unfortunately, no amount of eye closing will help, and you’ll be left with the sound from the headphones lingering for many hours after you’ve left the mini theatre.

Over 15,000 people have flocked to the Powerhouse Ultimo since it opened. Due to popular demand, Darkfield’s season has been extended to July 2.

Tickets are available through Darkfield.  

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