Beyond Cinema presents – The Blind Barber

Beyond Cinema are the story tellers, fantasy creators, and film lovers — known to bring immersive and cinematic journeys. The Plus Ones were invited to enjoy their latest experience — The Blind Barber: a full blown Prohibition-themed pop-up party in a mystery location, later revealed to be the moody underground vaults of a tucked away part of Sydney’s north.

Excited guests were led through a dimly-lit echoing tunnel to find an exclusive chamber with seating prepared for the sumptuous three-course meal to follow. Champagne flowed and 1920s music played, while The Blind Barber event blurred the boundaries between cinema and the real world. Staff deep in character donned “New Yawk” gangster accents, bantering with one another about the Luciano family feuds, with regular interludes of staged entertainment.

The Blind Barber is a place to get your hands on the finest hooch, brush shoulders with shady characters, and try your hand at roulette. Guests shimmied up in their sharpest pin-striped suits, waistcoats, suspenders, or flapper dress and feathered headpieces — full-blown dress-up is a must.

Get ready to be taken all the way back to the 1920s, because The Blind Barber’s set to be a monthly affair. Showcasing the best of the period’s gangsters and crooks, ticket prices start at $30 per person.

This edition of The Blind Barber was the first in a monthly series of secret parties. For more information, visit the Beyond Cinema website.

– Jill
Jill is a Sydney-based journalist who drinks by the logic: it’s five o’clock somewhere. Follow her on Instagram.

Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of Buzz Nation
Photos: Buzz Nation