Glenfiddich Experimental Series X PS Soda by PS40

The most awarded single malt whisky in the world has gotten creative. In an exciting collaboration with inventive soda factory PS Soda— Glenfiddich has curated a game-changing range of Experimental Highballs, soon to be available across Oz.

At the official launch, The Plus Ones were invited to taste incredible limited edition sodas by Sydney bar PS40 — made to pair perfectly with whiskies from the Glenfiddich Experimental Series: Glenfiddich IPA, and Glennfiddich Project XX (pronounced project twenty).

Never one to drink whisky neat, this pleasant twist was particularly exciting for me. Upon arrival my guest and I sampled a perfectly balanced and aromatic PS Smoked Lemonade — paired with classic Glenfiddich 12-year-old, and garnished with a sprig of rosemary. It was an absolute delight.

To kick off the experimental evening, our group was split in to two. We then got to get imaginative while making our very own flavoured sodas. Thor Berqguist, co-owner of PS40 explained how we’d mix up fifty millilitres containing three flavours of our choice, add some acidity (lime or lemon juice), then inject Co2 (carbonated water) to add the fizz factor. Unique extracts on the lineup included honey, cinnamon, pandan, grapefruit, cucumber, and even chicha morada (aka purple corn).

All of our bespoke sodas were enjoyed with a splash of the delectable new Glenfiddich IPA Experiment, and the result was a premium whisky taste — imbued with delicious sweetness and complexity.

Next we moved over to the bar, where our official Glenfiddich Experimental Series tasting began. This was hosted by Glenfiddich’s passionate Brand Ambassador Luke Sanderson. Luke kept our session interesting, inviting us to write down the notes and flavours we detected in each. We were pleasantly surprised to discover an array of unique notes in the whiskies, with ingredients as obscure as liquorice and almonds in one— and zesty citrus, vanilla, and hops in the other.

As an added treat, the team unveiled the newest instalment in their Experimental line-up: Glenfiddich Winter Storm. As my favourite of the three, this one’s been finished in Canadian Icewine casks, making for a whisky with underlying wine notes — reminiscent of candied fruit and Turkish delight. I’ve never tasted anything like it.

In the true “maverick” spirit of experimentation, Glennfiddich manages to push boundaries in its new partnership with PS Soda — all while never compromising the brand’s undeniable quality and sophistication.

From September 2018 and well into summer, bars all over Sydney (like Zeta Bar, The Argyle, and Hotel Ravesis) will be serving up these Experimental Highballs. You’ll want to whisk one of these away folks.

– Jill
Jill is a Sydney-based journalist who enjoys whisky with ice, and everything nice. Follow her on Instagram.

To find out where you can try the range of Experimental Highballs, visit the official Facebook Page.

Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of Agent99 PR.
Photos: Agent 99 PR