Hijinks Xmas In July at SEA LIFE

Being Canadian, I am fascinated by this whole ‘Christmas in July’ time of year. Although it is a completely different way of celebrating the month, I wanted to indulge into anything I could to really get the sense of what Christmas in July really is and dive into the deep end (pun intended).A2

I decided to attend the Hijinks‘ Christmas in July event at the SEA Life Aquarium. Obviously being from another country, this event was like killing two birds with one stone. Getting to see a great tourist attraction and experience a themed event at the same time.


This event did not let me down. Each ticket holder received a free drink, copious amounts of candy canes, the chance to participate in a treasure hunt, over-sized game of chess, get their photo taken with Santa and all the while seeing impressive and beautiful aquatic life. One of my absolute favorite parts was walking through the Shark sanctuary tunnel. When someone from overseas thinks of Australia, they think of sharks. So this was absolutely thrilling to not only see sharks, but see them from every angle possible while they swim over-top and beside you.


Apparently there was a singles aspect to this event that was unbeknownst to me before I attended. My advice is to either go as a single (as there were legitimately attractive bachelor & bachelorhood there) or girls, make it a girls night. Either way, wear a great Yuletide outfit and get ready to merrily frolic amongst the marine life.

– Liz

Liz Blue is from a little rural village in Nova Scotia, Canada. After living away from home for the past 11 years her travels have taken her across North America, the U.K. and now Australia. After years of working in the events industry she now considers herself a hospitality and party pro. 

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Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of The Festivalists