T2: Festival of Chai

Last night, T2 Tea took us to India with their Chai Project. The space above their Newtown store was transformed into a magical and vibrant Festival of Chai.

I was greeted at the door with a cup of Spicy Rose Chai. My first sip marked the commencement of an invigorating journey for my taste buds. All of my senses were immediately whisked away to India. Visually, the room was radiating vibrant colour. Bright orange and yellow floral strands decorated the white walls. The sweet and spicy aroma, the buzzing atmosphere and captivating Bollywood music sent my senses on a journey through the Indian culture.


My first stop was at the build your own Chai station. A beautiful table was set up with an array of exotic ingredients where you could create a Chai Tea that was suited to your taste buds. Star anise, cinnamon, black tea and roses are what I filled my little orange T2 container with.

Next, I ventured to the far corner of the room where a charmingly spiritual lady was creating stunning henna hand art. I joined the queue and watched with awe as she created incredible floral designs. As I left the station with my new henna tattoo, I was handed a Chai Cocktail creation. The cocktail, served in a small beaker, was amply named ‘Spiked Chai’ and contained T2 Chai blended with baileys and soy milk. It was a delicious concoction to say the least.


My taste buds were also treated to a selection of Indian inspired hors d’oeuvres. I was treated to samosas, spicy peas and a chocolaty chai treat. I stayed for four more cups of Chai, tasting bold and interesting brews and soaking up the electrifying atmosphere before heading home.

I descended down the staircase and appreciated the lit candles and floral strands that adorned the blank walls. Just as I was leaving the invigorating Chai aroma behind, I was handed a gift bag filled with three T2 Chai blends and a T2 designed glass to brew them in. I was happy to be heading home with a taste of India, and the kettle was boiling as soon as I returned home to invigorate my senses one last time before I went to sleep.

– Georgia Collins


To find out about T2s chai range and more, visit them here.

Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of Black Communications.