Cathedral Ranges Wilderness Yoga

Have you ever thought of combining yoga, meditation, and hiking in the Victorian wilderness? The beautiful Dr Belinda Christie did, and hence Wilderness Yoga was born. Dr Belinda, an environmental scientist and yoga teacher, runs Wilderness Yoga once a month across various locations in Victoria. We were lucky enough to join the wild tribe at Arthur’s Seat State Park on the Mornington Peninsula for a full day of adventure.

Each session is capped at 14 participants and Belinda’s walks have all sold out so far. We met at 9am on a cold Saturday morning, with threat of rain imminent, but generally good morale. Belinda and her helpers Elly, and her mum Deb, had set up a table full of wholesome treats and local teas to nourish us before our adventure. Belinda asked us to introduce ourselves to every person in the group before we began. A thorough safety briefing was followed by a meditation before we set off into the wilderness. We arrived at our first destination, the delightful Seawinds gardens where we were treated to an hour of vinyasa yoga whilst overlooking the gorgeous ocean views. The wind challenged our balance, but overall nothing would dampen the mood of this wild tribe.


With the sky threatening rain we continued on our adventure, admiring the native plants, sea views, and bird life till we reached King Falls. Belinda led us on another mediation, this one was a walking mediation, where we were given a card with a beautiful message to focus on and were encouraged to walk around the falls area in our own time and meditate, an incredibly soothing and grounding experience.

We made our way back to our start point with more stops for mediation, snacks, and rest. At all times, the group stuck together, no one was rushed to keep up, and safety came first. Belinda’s attention to detail is amazing, starting with the friendly email and what to bring instructions, which were incredibly helpful, to her knowledge of the circuit, knowledge of the local fauna and her meditation techniques and tips.

We finished the day with more tea, snacks, and meditation and a little surprise which you will just have to book a session to discover.

Emily Coupar
-Emily Coupar is passionate nurse, foodie and author and beginner yogi, you can follow her on Instagram and Facebook. 

Wilderness Yoga run regular events, you can check out on their website, also, you can check upcoming events on their Facebook page. 

The Plus Ones were invited guests of Wilderness Yoga.
Image Credit: Wilderness Yoga