BandTherapy Melbourne

BandTherapy with Zac Jones

BandTherapy does not offer mental help for dysfunctional musicians (although I did feel mentally relieved after my session). BandTherapy is actually a new form of rehabilitation that blends dance, reformer Pilates, and martial arts.

The founder of BandTherapy, Zac Jones, invited The Plus Ones to take part in a session. He talked me through the development and benefits of his new creation. With over 12 years of experience in the industry, Zac is becoming an expert on movement. BandTherapy draws form Zac’s teaching and research into movement from contemporary dance to his Black Belts in Kung Fu and Aikido.

What makes BandTherapy unique is that it decompresses the joints through suspension so that your limbs can move naturally without pushing or straining.

BandTherapy Melbourne

Imagine lying on your back on a Cadillac (a Pilates trapeze table), with each limb supported by stretching bands. Your back and bum are lying on top of spiky massage balls (which is more comfortable than it sounds) — then Zac applies a little bit of pressure to certain points and rotates your limbs in a gentle natural motion.

The tension in my body was released as I hung from the bands. I was able to relax bit by bit, both in my breathing and my joints. It was a body-mind experience. In Pilates or yoga classes, I find it difficult to normalise my breathing; however with all my limbs suspended, my airways were open and breathing was effortless.

BandTherapy Melbourne

I have an old injury that causes some pain in my right knee (you could say that I have a bad knee), but by the end of the session the pain was gone. The squats and lunges that were troublesome prior to starting the session were no longer an issue. I walked out of the session with a feeling of lightness akin to yoga or a remedial massage.

To fully benefit from BandTherapy, Zac recommends two one hour sessions a week in addition to normal exercise. His clients come from a range of fitness backgrounds, some looking to improve mobility, rehab or to improve their posture.

You can find Zac at the Back in Health Pilates Studio on the third floor of the Rialto Towers. To book in all you need to do is visit their website and enquire about a class, you can also check out their other services.

– Amber Bock
Amber is a freelance stage manager who loves a good gym class and occasionally dabbles in vegan cooking.


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Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of Back in Health Pilates.
Image Credit: Back in Health Pilates.