Meditation with Furbabies: breathe in and bleat out!

Meditation with Furbabies

Goat Yoga: breathe in and bleat out!

We all need a way to destress after a long day or week – maybe even month. What better way to do so than through meditation surrounded by a variety of cuddly animals, including goats, lambs and even bunnies?

Held in Northcote and Coburg North, Karmably’s classes offer the opportunity for participants to stretch, meditate and let their stresses dissipate. The goat yoga classes start with mindful stretching, followed by a meditation session perfect for unwinding and coming into a calm headspace. After this, the baby animals are unleashed. Bunnies were handed out and goats and lambs were encouraged to roam the room, socialising with both each other and yoga participants. Some furbabies were held by participants, others instead headed for shoelaces and open bags.

Meditation with Furbabies

Why baby goats?

In the words of Berenice Tan, the founder of Karmably: ‘Baby goats are cute and chaotic. They don’t care. They will disrupt us, but we are excited for them to do so, to jump, nibble and even pee. Our thoughts are the same. They will disrupt us in our everyday life, but we should treat them kindly, the same way we would a baby animal.’

Berenice doesn’t choose baby goats simply for the way they help us all relax! She partners with organisations such as Animals on the Move, who look after animals that were orphaned, rejected by their mothers, or destined for slaughter. Once the babies grow up, they are adopted out to ideal families.

Meditation with Furbabies

Our final thoughts

We found the classes unique, engaging and a great way to unwind. What we enjoyed most was the intertwining of meditation with upbeat, quirky animal personalities. The animals added a level of fun to yoga that can sometimes be missed.

We found them suitable for people of all skill levels, something Berenice mentioned as well: ‘It isn’t required to do the stretches or the yoga. But it’s required to be present and focused on whichever action you are fulfilling, whether it be taking a photo, talking to a loved one or snuggling a goat.’

If you’re interested in mindfulness with a cuddly twist, we recommend attending a class.

– Daniela

Daniela Koulikov is a freelance writer who loves meditation and animals of all ages.


Meditation with Furbabies runs once a month. Buy tickets now. The venue is accessible.


The Plus Ones were invited guests of Karmably.
Image credit: Karmably