Trevor Ashley presents ‘Diamonds Are For Trevor’

Diamonds are for Trevor is two hours of pure adulterated fun. Trevor Ashley is one of those performers who could make even a Brecht piece hilarious and camp — so with impersonating one of the century’s biggest divas, what could possibly be better? If you have had the chance to see Trevor perform before, you will know exactly what I’m talking about.

Having been lucky enough to see Trevor’s Mardi Gras Special in Sydney, I jumped at the chance to attend the Melbourne 80th Birthday Special at Hamer Hall — this time bringing my mum along. It was only fair after I bragged to her about the show for an hour on the phone after leaving the Sydney Opera House.

It was my first time in Hamer Hall, and I was extremely impressed with the experience. The vocal prowess of Trevor, combined with the crisp sound quality of the purpose-built venue, had the audience in rapture for the whole evening.

The highlight of the night was Cold Chisel’s ‘Working Class Man’ cover. My mum is a massive Jimmy Barnes fan, and I swear she was so pumped she was about to take off her bra, run down the aisle, and throw it onto the stage.

Every chance I get to see one of Trevor’s shows I am always amazed by his vocal power. The audience agreed — with not one but three encores, all with riotous standing ovations.

The final song of the evening was ‘The Party’s Over’, in which Trevor took off his hairpiece and makeup in a moment of humble humility. He declared his love and thanks for the audience, bringing us in closer to this talented performer.

– Brenton
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Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of Jameson and Co.
Image credit: Trevor Ashley.