Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2017: Clara Cupcakes – The Worst

Clara Cupcakes ‘The Worst’ is, in fact, the best.

In the bowels of The Butterfly Club exists the best video game you’ll ever play, and all you have to do is press that START button.

I never owned a gaming console growing up, but I still felt pure joy at every well constructed and thought out section of Clara’s show. With a deeper meaning of a how-not-to guide of getting over an ex with the help of a handy little prawn, The Worst hit me in the feelings just as much as it made me double over in laughter.

If you had a childhood filled with the Nintendo 64, this is going to be an absolute nostalgia trip for you — but with a very different plotline than anything you remember. Clara the octopus is desperate to win back her king who has been brainwashed into kicking her out of the castle, and she will do anything to get him back. Anything. This is where the comedy ensues: eggs are spawned, songs are sung, limbs seductively torn off, electric eels battled with. All just your regular night out really.

The Worst has such intense production value, with flawless interactive backdrop custom designed in amazing 8-bit style, a jaw-dropping custom made octo-outfit, and the entire stage decked out in glitter fantasticness, complete with Clara Cupcakes game cartridge sitting in a Nintendo 64 on stage.

Clara does audience interaction beautifully, and when it comes time for the cheat code you best be prepared for some of the funniest comedy you’ve ever seen.

It’s a big claim, but The Worst is my pick of this year’s festival. We don’t have a point scoring system at The Plus Ones, but it’s 5 starfish all the way. 

Get your sea legs to The Worst now.

– Jasmin
Jasmin Ashton is a designer, marketer and freelance writer from Melbourne who has a lot of feelings about everything. Find them at @Jasmanna.

The Worst runs until April 16th at the Butterfly Club. Purchase tickets now.
The venue is not accessible.

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Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of Clara Cupcakes.
Image credit: Melbourne International Comedy Festival.