Naked Ride at the Emerson Rooftop Bar

Bodhi & Ride, Port Melbourne’s next level studio for spin-class enthusiasts, pitched its pop-up, early morning sesh as “Riding Naked at the Emerson Rooftop”, and I took it literally. I once watched a woman ride a bike around a Speigeltent tent in the nick and I’ve been dying to do it ever since: I figured a naked spin class was probably the closest I’d get. Despite protestations from mates, I was game. I’m not young, I’m not thin and I’ve had breast cancer and reconstructive surgery, so getting nuded up publicly for me is an act of defiance, if not outright insurgence.

All things considered, I was actually disappointed to discover that the event was a fully-clothed spin class, promoting Lululemon’s latest kit, the Fast and Free range, which in fairness actually does make you feel like you’re close to being in the buff (small plug: the fabric is so nice that I kept stroking my own leg). 

On the plus side, the last time I was at a bar at 7.15am it was definitely not for the purpose of exercising, so the novelty value was super high. The Emerson’s roof top bar overlooks a normally pumping Commercial Road and after a night of big rain, we rode our guts out under a blue sky and bright sunshine, with CBD skyline views.

Bodhi & Ride’s team are experienced and enthusiastic “riders” and take pains to make sure we’re all fitted to our bikes appropriately to minimise the risk of injury, but maximise thigh burn. A proper DJ cranks consistently high energy tunes and I’m struck again by the anomaly of being in a bar with a DJ in sweats (albeit hi-tech slinky ones).

A Bodhi & Ride class also incorporates ab work and arms while you’re still cycling, so it’s a full body work out. The instructor is precise in her instructions, so I’m following what’s going on, if not entirely keeping up. Did I mention I was the oldest at the event by easily 15 years?

Since then, I’ve washed and dried my new Lululemon pants in the drier and they’ve shrunk to a size befitting a doll, and my triceps are complaining. I’m still bummed about not getting nuded up, but it was worth it.

– Meg
Meg Crawford is a freelance journo and full-time rockabilly. She’s also a rock dog to her core and likes Ghostbusters a little bit too much. Follow her on @rockabillywriter.

Bodhi & Ride
416/418 Bay Street
Port Melbourne VIC 3207

Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of Bodhi & Ride.
Image credit: Lululemon.