Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2017: Neel Kolhatkar – #ObjectifyNeel

Can a small man of Indian heritage win over an audience at a comedy show? The answer is yes, as proven by Neel Kolhatkar in his 2017 Melbourne International Comedy Festival show #ObjectifyNeel. Peppered with jokes about size, colour, and ethnicity, nothing is off limits for Kolhatkar.

We are given an insight into his childhood, growing up in Brighton Le Sands, Sydney (which he tells us is the polar opposite of Brighton, Melbourne) and going to school in Cronulla. Think of a brown, nerdy kid, surrounded by the chaos of various ethnic rifts and the controversial Cronulla riots, all narrated with a good dose of humour.

Neel tells of his awkward encounters with females, both in and out of the bedroom and the audience is left in hysterics as we hear about all the crazy situations he has managed to find himself in. The crowd is continually involved, as Neel engages with them, asking crazy questions and offering opportunities to provide opinions on all manner of topics including right wing politics, short guys dating tall girls, and being the outcast kid in school.

Kolhatkar closes the show with a call out to the audience, asking them to utilize the power of social media and objectify him, to help break the stereotype that nobody is sexually interested in a short brown man. Sharing some of the crudest comments, Neel proves that there are no boundaries for him, and leaves the audience to venture across the line, into an area where nothing is sacred.

Neel Kolhatkar leaves the audience in hysterics with his irreverent style, and the challenge to match his wit on social media, with the promise to being glorified at future shows.

– Moni
Moni is of Indian heritage, was born in England and has grown up in Australia. As a result, she appreciates all things fusion.

 #ObjectifyNeel runs from 30 March to 23 April (55mins) at Taxi Riverside, Melbourne Town Hall. Purchase tickets now.
The venue is accessible.

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Image credit: Melbourne International Comedy Festival.