Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2017: Dr Duck – General Quacktitioner

When the name of the troupe is Dr Duck and the show is General Quacktitioner, fun is sure to follow. Even the name of the venue is fun, The Tickle Pit. What a name! And what a great little local show!

Performed by six young comedians clad in black, this sketch comedy show is simple, enjoyable and sometimes very clever. A lot of creative brains have gone into this production with three writers and another three contributing additional material.

Comprised of fifteen plus sketches, these artists keep you interested with sketch after sketch of sometimes silly, sometimes delicious concepts that satisfy your imagination. Things like hotel on the moon, instant reincarnation and a profiteering financial counsellor were my favourites.

My plus one liked the Guess Who board game interjections. Remember that classic from your childhood? Between these skits were short bursts of Rick Astley, Starship and other 1980s classics to keep you in the mood for fun.

The performer’s personalities are diverse and work well together. The balance of performing is evenly shared and performances seem a little raw and real. These talented performers with great facial expressions provide frivolity or social criticism on a variety of issues making you laugh and sometimes think a little. Several sketches have excellent content reflecting a depth that makes one think perhaps a writer or two might be poached to write in the big leagues later in their career.

Support the locals, see Dr Duck!

– Cara
Cara has long hair, long legs and a long association with all things arty, crafty, colourful and fun!

Dr Duck General Quacktitioner runs March 29- April 9, Mon- Fri 8pm, Sunday 7pm (50mins) at The Tickle Pit, Lvl 1, 377 Lt Bourke St, Melbourne. Purchase tickets now.
The venue is not accessible.

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Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of Dr Duck.
Image credit: Melbourne International Comedy Festival