Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2017: Matt Harvey- Just for Funny Comedy Podcast

Matt Harvey and Marty Atta have reached peak melbourne comedy festival – presenting a show that is part opportunity for stellar guest spots from talented performers, part live recording of the ‘Just for Funny’ comedy podcast. This show aims to give festival attendees an opportunity to sample some comedians to help you fill your comedy festival schedule. There is no doubt that this is the best place to be at 4:30pm on a saturday afternoon during the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

I found the show to be extremely broad in appeal, casual comedy festival attendees will be treated to samples of some excellent comedic highlights from the guest performers whereas comedy die-hards will enjoy the discussion that takes place between the guest’s sets.

The hosts Matt Harvey and Marty Atta are astute comedy shepherds who guide their audience adeptly into the world of comedy discussion. The pair insightfully probe their guests on their motivations, aspirations and fears providing plenty of schtick along the way.  Matt and Marty have a warm and friendly vibe, adding to the ambience like fairy lights strewn through a garage at a house party for decoration.

Each show will feature different stand-ups and I was treated to seeing the comedy stylings of Jacqueline Mifsud and Anthony McCormack. Both artists were promoting their respective shows and delivered around ten minutes of their set to the podcast audience. For me, both performers were instantly added to my ‘must-see’ list after watching their performances. I will be honest and say that it is clear from the quality of the guests on this show that Matt Harvey exercises strong creative control and the show benefits greatly from this.

The variety and quality of guests who will be appearing at the podcast recording mean this is the sort of show that will reward multiple attendances!

– Rian

The Just for Funny Comedy Podcast will be on at 4:30 each Saturday at The Tickle Pit for the rest of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Check it out!

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Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guest of Matt Harvey
Image Credit: Comedy Festival