Friday Nights at NGV with the Pierce Brothers

What’s better than getting an art + drinks + live music combo? Well, that’s exactly what the National Gallery of Victoria has in store for you each Friday night at NGV.

Their latest special exhibition features the work of Edgar Degas, one of the most famous realist/impressionist French artists. The exhibition unites over 200 pieces from 65 international collections. Through his work, Degas builds a world of detail and natural movement inspired in everyday life.

It is very interesting to see life through Degas’ eyes and appreciate the way he slowly generated his own style. For instance, you can tell how much importance he puts into capturing the essence of each moment because of the high detail he entails into some aspects of his paintings while dismissing other aspects with rough sketches. His last paintings clearly reflect the frustration that losing his eyesight progressively must have entailed: his strokes are careless and aggressive – a clear reproach at his inability to appreciate the fine details that he once captured.

After mingling through the art galleries, we headed on to the Great Hall were the Pierce Brothers would be presenting that night. The show was a-ma-zing. The energy the brothers emanate from the stage is outstanding and contagious. Not only do they play what seems like five instruments at once, they jump in and out of the stage and engage with the people in a way that few performers do. The whole experience, full of emotive percussions and acoustic lyrics, was incredibly intimate and we definitely walked out feeling more alive.

NGV has definitely nailed it with the Friday Night sessions. They know how to pair top-notch art with amazing performers that lighten up the night with sights and sounds to remember. Definitely a must-do in Melbourne.

– Lourdes
Lourdes Zamanillo is a Mexican journalist that recently moved to Australia to study a Master’s in Sustainable Tourism. She loves words, travelling, and (above all) feeling surprised.

Friday Nights at NGV runs for one more weeks: 16 September, at the National Gallery of Victoria. You can check out The Pierce Brothers online.
NGV is wheelchair accessible.

Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of the NGV.