Melbourne Magic Festival: Cath Jamison – Conjure Woman

Cath Jamison Melbourne Magic Festival 2016

Cath Jamison uses no stage props. She doesn’t need them. From the moment she walks onto the stage at the Northcote Town Hall, her personality fills the room with sassiness and charismatic mischief.

The evening starts with you walking into an empty black room. A few minutes later, Cath, clad in a glamorous black corset and leather pants, makes her entrance. From there on, it is as if she conjures a spell on you: you will not take our eyes off the stage.

From the simplicity and seamlessness with which Cath transitions from one act to the next, you sometimes forget that you’re standing a few meters away from a multi-award winning entertainer who has performed for Tim Burton and Melissa Etheridge. She knows what she’s doing and you can tell. Cath takes you on a paranormal journey where she will decipher your thoughts, predict random numbers, and confuse your mind to the point where you’re not sure what is real and what isn’t.

If you’re expecting to go to a typical magic show, this is not it. Objects won’t disappear in front of your eyes, people will not be cut in half and no, a rabbit will not pop out of a hat. But Cath will wrap your mind around her tricks nonetheless. She will make you gape, gasp, and doubt your own senses in a way that only she can.

By the end of her presentation you will not be too sure about what to do next. Perplexed, when the lights finally go up and you reluctantly have to stand up to leave the room, the only thing that will be on your mind is: How the hell did she do that?

– Lourdes
Lourdes Zamanillo is a Mexican journalist who recently moved to Australia to study a Master’s in Sustainable Tourism. She loves words, travelling, and (above all) feeling surprised.

‘Cath Jamison – Conjure Woman’ runs 7-9 July 2016 at the Northcote Town Hall. Buy tickets now. The venue is accessible.

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Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of the Melbourne Magic Festival.
Photo credit: Cath Jamison.