About Life superfood organic store launches in Port Melbourne

It is not often that Melbourne’s food scene is given a shake-up by its northern sister Sydney, but when it comes to regular food shopping, I must admit we need some help. While I love taking my reusable containers down to The Source to restock, and collect my fruit and vegetables from local retailer Gagemi’s, I am pretty much stumped if it after 6pm and I want a healthy pre-made meal or snack. Or, God help me, an apple that wasn’t picked last year.

So what’s this I hear about a new kid in town, with an in-built juice bar, hot and cold meals, fresh organic produce and as much kale dip as you force down with your falafels? It’s about time! Finally Sydney’s popular six-store strong About Life chain has opened their first venture in Port Melbourne, along the busy Bay Street strip.

About Life Melbourne

Taking over the former Thomas Dux site, it is full of healthy, tasty and clean food that is free from all the nasties you usually find in supermarket aisles. Looking for non-toxic makeup? Got your heart set on some late-night Pana chocolate? Or maybe you just love the thought of freshly-made Raw Raspberry Chia Jam?

On the opening night, me and my plus-one were treated to a shopping experience the way it should be done – tasty smoothie demonstrations, how to make your own Kale Pesto, a self-serve nut butter station and even a relaxing hand massage. No expense was spared when it came to our goodie bag too, and it is clear that sisters and owners Jodie Stewart and Tammie Phillips, mean business when it comes to natural living.

About Life Melbourne

About Life Melbourne

So get your reusable tote bags out and strap on your helmet – this is definitely a place worth crossing the river for.

– Collette
Collette Swindells is a Melbourne-based fashion designer for AYLA Maternity who loves food just as much as she does clothing – so long as it doesn’t get in the way of her self-imposed yoga challenge at Nth Yoga.

About Life, 120 Bay St, Port Melbourne.
Open daily 7am – 8pm.

Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of Fuller PR.
Photo credit: Chris Hopkins.