Interview with 2Kings founder Salani Mila

The Plus Ones recently had the opportunity to pop by the launch of Sydney’s newest premium streetwear brand, 2Kings, in Surry Hills. It was all sorts of crisp, fresh, and inspired, and we spoke to the founder, Salani, to find out more about what they had in store for the lovers of street-style in Sydney and beyond.


What got you started with 2Kings?

I’ve always wanted to start my own label. It began with me playing around with prints on basic shirts. I used to cut them, paint them, screen print them, and sew different things on them. People were always asking me where I got my clothing. I realised the demand was there for high quality, unique shirts. It gave me the motivation I needed to start 2Kings.


Tell us a bit about what 2Kings represents. How did you come up with the name?

2Kings represents the human spirit and our flesh. These two elements make us who we are on the inside and the outside. 2Kings is about bringing both the spirit and the flesh together as one and feeling proud to be yourself.

Were there any brand inspirations for you?

There have been so many. My biggest inspiration is the co-founder of Fear of God, Jerry Lorenzo. I’m inspired by the material he uses and the passion he has towards his brand. To reach even half of his success would be truly humbling.


Who are your fashion icons?

Jerry Lorenzo, A$AP Rocky


Is there anyone in particular you’d love to see in 2Kings?

Music plays a large role in my life and is a huge inspiration behind 2Kings. I’d love to see some of the worlds biggest hip hop artists wearing my brand, A$AP Rocky, Kanye West, J Cole, Travis Scott – I could go on forever.


What are your favorite 2Kings pieces?

The 2K shirt in orange is my favourite from the current collection. But in saying that, I’m attached to every piece. I’ve spent the past year sourcing the perfect material and finding an embroider to make my vision come to life.


What do you believe in unique about your brand?

2Kings brings a premium touch to street wear. I was sick of spending over $100 on clothing that would fade or become frail in the wash.


Every single piece in our launch collection has been a labour of love. They’ve gone through infinite R&D to ensure the end result is a quality piece of clothing that people look and most importantly feel great in.


Who is your target audience?

We don’t believe in having a target audience. 2Kings is for everyone.


2Kings seems to have a strong focus on fresh, street style. Are there any style tips you have for those looking to pull off the look?

The shirts speak for themselves. You don’t need to try too hard. Keep it simple.


What has been some of your takeaways from you experience in the fashion industry so far?

You need to surround yourself with likeminded motivated, hard working people. I have an incredible team around me. I’m so grateful to those I have partnered with who have helped me launch. The photography talent of Vini Fretton, web design of Thierry Empeigne, and the models who have shot for ours on end, Chad Hurst, Akol Bol, Mishiee Cheng and De’Andre Maiva – they will never know the full extent to my gratitude.


What’s 2Kings got in store for 2017?

A full range collection.


What’s your dream with 2Kings? Any specific goals?

I want to be a fashion destination for both men and women. I want to collaborate with some of the world’s best artists and make 2Kings known as a premium street wear retailer globally.


To view 2Kings’ latest collection, check out