Disclosure at the Opera House

Disclosure brought the Sydney Opera House to absolute breathing, fire-breathing life with their performance. Starting their track White Noise, positively roaring through the venue’s robust A/V offerings, coupled with a laser bonanza, this otherwise rather eqoquent venue took on many of the traits of a music festival for the evening.

The crowd, including myself, was grooving, shaking, dancing and cheering from the beginning till the end. And those who weren’t were probably crowd surfing.

The duo brought the rich serving of revived British dance, featuring everything from live guitar to cowbells. Coupled with the afore mentioned lasers and gargantuan LED screens delivering a visual arts bonanza, they turned the room in to a surreal and immersive audiovisual journey. Taking the crowd along for the ride through a rollercoaster of vibes, with tracks from their debut album as well as last year’s Caracal, they delivered the expected with a great side of the unexpected.

Some ways through the show, it’s as though they were winging it – in the best, most spectacular possible way. The crowd couldn’t help themselves but get to a frenzy at the peak of tracks like When a Fire Starts to Burn, and even more so with the fitting wrap up with Latch.

If their incredible capacity spark up a crowd wasn’t enough – trust you me, it more than was – a few guests like Brendan Reilly and Lion Babe jumped on throughout to spice things up, and deliver the ultimate cherry atop a crisp, loud garagerrific cake.

– Marianne