Sunshine & Disco Faith Choir at the Espy

Sunshine Disco Faith Choir Melbourne I’m not religious, but after the Sunshine & Disco Faith Choir show at the Espy, I’m definitely a believer!

Sunshine and Disco Faith Choir are about as iconic as The Espy ‘Gershwin Room’ itself. After a big year of sold-out festival gigs around Australia, Sunshine and Disco Faith Choir are bringing their signature style of gospel vocals and dirty disco to the south side for three unique shows at the Espy in St Kilda over the next few months.

The Plus Ones were given blessing to attend the first one of Sunshine’s special gigs at the Espy, to dance our sins away and rise up through the music to a higher state of being.

Sunshine and her incredible crew have been leaving their mark of uplifting disco gospel house across Melbourne and honesty, we can’t get enough of their sound! The iconic Gershwin Room at the Espy was in rapture the whole evening with the gang pumping out hit-after-hit of hands-in-the-air anthems, and there wasn’t a single soul in the room who wasn’t on their feet dancing for the entire set.

Born in Melbourne, with a dream to impact the world, the Disco Faith Choir was the brainchild of Sunshine, one of the city’s renowned DJ and producers, who fused her infectious club-ready house and techno vision, with a live gospel choir.

Considering the cult following of Sunshine, three nights of the Disco Faith Choir are just not enough! That’s all we’re getting though, with special performances spread out over May, June and July. Each night is a different music experience, a joyous journey spreading the gospel of disco faith, to those whose enthusiasm lives in the hands of the music.

A true ode to dancefloor salvation, Sunshine and Disco Faith Choir serve to share the gospel of Disco Faith with those whose enthusiasm lives in the hands of the music. These shows are some of the best live gigs you’ll see in Melbourne, so do not miss out or forever Rest In Peace.

-The Plus Ones

You can follow Sunshine Disco Faith Choir on Instagram or listen to them on Spotify. Buy tickets to their next two gigs at the Espy: Soul Train and Grand Central. It will sell out.

This venue is accessible.
Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of Xposed Media.
Images: Supplied, Angie Young and Alex Drewniak.