Messina launches Two Cocktail Kits For Christmas

I have four words for you: “Messina”, “Dulce De Leche”, “Coffee” and “Ferrero”. Now add them altogether, wipe the drool from your mouth and get ready for the sweetest news because the legends at Cocktail Porter have launched a drool-worthy Messina-themed Cocktail Kits, and the best bit – they’re delivered all over Australia!
We’re long time fans of Messina, the ice cream lords who can seemingly do no wrong. After all, have you ever tried their delicious cakes! So when it comes to adding a little boozy treat to their flavours we were all ears.

Sitting in the category of cocktails that double as dessert, these babies are proof that starting your festivities early is absolutely acceptable, and if anyone asks – it’s called Christmas, so there are no rules. The perfect decadent cocktails to celebrate over the festive season, each of the DIY cocktail boxes come with all the ingredients required to whip up bar-quality drinks from the comfort of your home, the park or wherever you please to do your festive drinking.
While we’re always saying why not try both, this time you absolute can (and should). There are two Cocktail Porter boxes available:

Messina Choc Hazelnut Martini Cocktail Kit
This delicious cocktail is a martini twist featuring Messina’s famous choc hazelnut spread, vodka, espresso, creamy Baileys and is – naturally – garnished with crushed Ferrero Rochers.

Or the

Messina Dulce De Leche Espresso Martini Cocktail Kit
A twist on the traditional espresso martini, ditch dessert and have one of these instead (or why not both?! There are no rules at Christmas!).
Premium vodka is combined with coffee liqueur, cold drip coffee, and Messina’s famous Dulce De Leche topping, then shaken hard to create that infamous foamy top. It’s then finished with iconic Messina chocolate hazelnut spread and shaved coconut.
The ultimate ode to home bar mixology, the Cocktail Porter DIY boxes are good all year round with some delicious cocktails available, delivered to your door so you can mix up a decent drink in the comfort of your own home. If you’re not a cocktail pro and get a little nervous around a bar spoon, then don’t stress because the simple guides included in each box take you through step-by-step. This is one Christmas present you’ll want to keep for yourself.

– The Plus Ones Team

Messina and Cocktail Porter Christmas kits are only available for a limited (and delicious) time. Buy them here, or check out the other amazing kits Cocktail Porter has on offer.

Photo Credit: Supplied.
Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited by HHPR.