Providoor’s taking the stress out of Christmas feasts this year

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It’s hard to believe that there are only a few weeks until Christmas! Pre-empting the holiday seasonal panic, Providoor’s sorted out some delicious Christmas feasts prepared by Australia’s best chefs and delivered straight to your home. Yes that’s right, mum can take the day off cooking.

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Christmas is a time for celebrating with loved ones with some delicious food and drinks, especially when done right. This year, more than ever, we’re asking ourselves if the stress of cooking at home or going out to a restaurant the way to go? Particularly when you want to make the occasion special and unique. After all, why spend all day slaving away in the kitchen when you can have some of Australia’s best restaurants prep everything you need?

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That’s where Providoor steps in. They’ll be delivering special Christmas feasts created by a variety of restaurants all across Melbourne and Sydney. From unforgettable Middle Eastern flavours at Maha to a premium steak & French bubbles at Entrecôte, there’s plenty to choose from. Even the vegans will have something to munch into.

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My plus one and I got to experience a taste of Maha’s exceptional vegetarian feast for ourselves at home. Arriving semi-prepared with some very easy instructions, this feast is a celebration of colour, spice and, perhaps most of all, flavour. Melbourne’s own Shane Delia and the Maha team draw their culinary inspiration from the intersection of the Mediterranean and the Middle East and use the best seasonal produce.

Maha ProvidoorIf you’ve ever had the pleasure of dining in one of his restaurants you will know that the experience is a sensory one – plenty of colour, flavour and exceptional service. When preparing this food at home, my plus one and I made sure to recreate the experience best we could using Provider’s Spottify playlists and some good wine. The team have curated three different playlists to suit your mood, but we couldn’t get enough of the “entertain” one.

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Providoor’s at-home meals are ideal for Christmas entertaining with family and friends, and take the stress out of the festive season. Same-day delivery is available in Sydney and Melbourne until the 24th of December from some amazing restaurants such as:

  • Vic’s Meats (Sydney) – for showstopping meats, including a centrepiece pork belly porchetta or free range lamb shoulder.

  • Rockpool Bar & Grill (Sydney) – for a gourmet modern Australian Christmas banquet comprised of the finest ingredients including Cape Grim rib eye steak or cauliflower steak.

  • The Atlantic (Melbourne) – for an impressive seafood feast with natural pacific oysters, Moreton Bay Bug spaghettini and Humpty Doo barramundi.

  • Entrecôte (Melbourne) – for a premium four-course celebration feast with Angus Porterhouse Steak and Pomme Anna, plus French bubbles.

– The Plus Ones

Providoor delivers across Melbourne and Sydney. Same-day delivery is available in both cities until the 24th of December. Book your delicious box from some of Australia’s top restaurants here.

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Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited to try Providoor courtesy of The Cru.