Chill Out This Summer With Jam Shed Wine


Jam Shed Wine SangriaWe don’t know about you Melbourne, but with only a few more weeks of lovely warm days and nights, we’re on the lookout for delicious cool drinks. Jam Shed wine invited my plus one and I to lighten up summer with some tasty chilled red wine cocktails such as their signature Jamgria! After all, some red drops show off their best attributes when cooled down just a touch.

Winemaker Jam Shed is making sure Aussies stay in a festive mood this event season with some great ideas around drinks for hot days. Over a tasty BBQ, my plus one and I tried the Jam Shed Shiraz and Jam Shed Red Blend — both are smooth, rich, fruit-driven, and importantly for a casual dinner, won’t break the bank. Sourced from vineyards across Southeastern Australia (mainly the Riverland region of South Australia), the Jam Shed Red Blend is a combo of Cabernet, Merlot, and Petit Verdot. You’ll find a nose of blackcurrants, vanilla pods, and of course raspberry jam.

The Jam Shed signature Sangria (aka Jamgria) is a fun and refreshing punch – perfect for entertaining friends or a garden picnic. We used a bottle of the Jam Shed Shiraz, a few fresh oranges, lemons and frozen raspberries. To give a little kick to the fruity mix, we then added a dash of maple syrup (the real stuff), soda water and triple sec. Lots of ice and a berry garnish in a mug glass made this punch… well… punch above its weight.
Tempted to try it yourself? Here’s how:

Jamgria Recipe

Serves approx. 4-5

• 1 x Jam Shed Shiraz 750mL
• 2 x Fresh Oranges (sliced)
• 1 x Fresh Lemon (sliced)
• 1 x cup of frozen berries (we chose raspberries)
• 100ml maple syrup
• 500ml soda water (or lemonade if preferred)
• 100ml Triple Sec (or brandy)
• Garnish: Orange, berries or stone fruit


  1. Combine in a large jug 1 bottle of Jam Shed Shiraz, with sliced fruits, maple syrup, triple sec and top with soda water.
  2. Slowly stir together.
  3. If preferred, add garnishes of slices of oranges, berries and ice to a glass.

Jam Shed wines are available now in Liquorland, First Choice, and independent retailers nationally.

Disclosure: The Plus Ones were guests of Dialogue PR.
Image credit: Supplied.