When Night Comes: A Toast to Life’s Pleasures

When the sun sets on the Austral Theatre, a dark cast of characters comes out to play. Billed as, ‘an immersive performance for small groups that blends theatre and cocktails in a singular experience.’ When Night Comes is moody, theatrical, and perfect for curious pleasure-seekers.

My plus one and I began our night by donning a black cloak and mask, alongside our similarly attired fellow audience members. We were then ushered around a long dining table and invited to drink an aromatic cocktail. Toasting, “to the art of living!” The salud proved a fitting start to an hour-long exploration of the senses.

It’s a dark, sensual journey through a decaying theatre. Creatures of the night encourage audience members to taste a tipple, suck a sweet, or breathe in an aroma. At various points, the production engaged each of our senses: taste, smell, sight, touch and sound. For those who are feeling shy, participation is voluntary. But joining in certainly makes the experience more interesting.

The show is the latest in a line of immersive, atmospheric productions from Broad Encounters. (The team also delivered drunken undersea sailors, a haunting production inspired by Edgar Allen Poe, and a magical homage to Japan.)

With multiple shows under their belt, Broad Encounters is dialing in the production with a considered approach to the audience experience. (Including timing the iced cocktail service.) Where previous productions gave audiences free reign to roam the space, When Night Comes is a more curated affair. You are escorted through the space at timed intervals, and remain with your assigned group. (Hot tip: don’t be late!) The delight in this production comes from discovering different environments and other-worldly characters. So I am holding off on revealing too many specifics.

Suffice to say, it’s a unique date night or an experience to spark conversation amongst friends (or foes). Numbers are capped to small groups, with new tickets released for 2 July – 3 August. Book now before the show vanishes into the night.

– Jenny
Jenny S. is an event adventurer. When she’s not attending live shows, you can find her sampling the latest craft beer or sipping a creative cocktail.
When Night Comes runs through 3 August at the Austral. 202 Johnston St, Collingwood. Buy Tickets now.

Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of Broad Encounters
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