Sipping and Sliding: Sliders Curling Launch at Ballers Clubhouse

What do you get if you cross German Sparkle Party with free flowing Jagermeister in a winter wonderland penthouse? The Sliders Curling Launch @ Ballers Clubhouse is what!

Up on level 3 of Ballers Clubhouse, the newest addition to its collection of sports inspired games is Sliders Curling. It was no secret that the launch extravaganza was sponsored by Jagermiester, especially when that herbaceous aroma was seeping from my pores the next day (may have had something to do with the number of shots my plus one and I downed?)

To say the cocktails were flowing was an understatement, the brilliant Ballers bar staff would never let a moment pass without a refreshing beverage landing in our frosty mitts. Our favorite flavour of the night was the Jager Mule, its perfect balance of refreshing lime and Jager topped off with ginger beer paired best with the pulled pork sliders.

After we were well and truly fed and hydrated, it was our time to battle it out at Sliders Curling. Not sure if it was beginners’ luck, or just the energy and excitement of the launch party, but I came out of our first game triumphant with a uncontested bullseye!

For those yet to have the pleasure of discovering Ballers Clubhouse, it takes up the former residence of the infamous karaoke dive bar Charlton’s on Coverlid place, just behind Billboard. While some cheeky nods to its former inhabitant remain, Ballers have totally transformed the venue into a powerhouse of entertainment unlike Melbourne has ever seen.

Photo credit: @luciahou_1.11

The Plus Ones can’t wait to see what these rascals get up to next!

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-Brenton Spink

is The Plus Ones resident party animal, you can find him regularly climbing the cage at Revs.

Ballers Club House
2 Coverlid Place
Melbourne VIC 3000
Venue is accessible.
Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of HRPR Public Relations & Event Management