Sip into Summer: The Very Best Drinks to Beat the Heat These Holidays

With the summer holidays well and truly in sight, our drink-loving writers have done the ‘hard’ work of finding the absolutely best tipples to enjoy on a hot sunny day (or let’s be honest, anytime).
From twists on timeless classics to trendy summer sips to show off to your friends, we’re here to elevate your refreshment game. So grab your favourite people, make a picnic, and join us for the ultimate guide for beating the summer heat in style!

23rd Street Distillery release new summer sips

The award-winning Australian spirits producers, 23rd Street Spirits, have unveiled a line-up of three new sparkling RTD flavours just in time for summer.
Crafted with the same passion that defines all 23rd Street spirits (shout out to their tropical & triple juniper gins), the full-flavoured drinks arrive with a refreshingly sweet and sparkling flavour that will have you feeling like the weekend can last forever.

Inspired by the taste of sweet escapes and endless summer days, the new range is bursting with flavour and perfect for anyone seeking a delicious drink with no effort required. Our hot tip is to spruce them up in a fancy glass and garnish with fresh fruit, that is if you can hold yourself back from sipping directly from the cans!

The three drinks include a Tropical Gin & Soda blended with Mango, Pineapple, Passionfruit and Finger Lime, a refreshing Vodka, Pomegranate and Raspberry or zesty Vodka, Pineapple and Lime.

Interestingly, the pomegranate comes from 23rd Street’s own orchard which is a great little touch.

No fluff, just the real deal. 23rd Street Distillery nailed it with these easy cocktails in a can. We can already tell there’s going to be a lot of good times with them. You can pick them up and try for yourself at Dan Murphys.

VOK Classic Cocktails

There was a time when it was almost impossible not to see a Vok Liqueur bottle on a night out, it’s been one of Australia’s most recognisable boozy brands for over 50 years after all!

With the release of their three new canned cocktails, Vok are cracking new territory while bringing back some iconic drinks that Aussies know and love.

The sparkling Pina Colada is fizzing with coconut and tangy pineapple and was our personal favourite, its such a summer classic and paired perfectly with fresh fruit platter.

Other new canned drinks include a classic Sex On The Beach (vodka, peach liqueur, orange and cranberry) and Raspberry Ripple (vanilla, vodka and raspberry), which both had a nice balance of sweetness but were not overpowering and perfect for a summer BBQ or picnic.

We’re looking forward to seeing what other tasty cocktails the team come up with next, after all, cans are easier to drink out of than coconuts! Try the new Vok Cocktail cans out for yourselves at Dan Murphys.

Santa Margherita Pinot Grigio

Since 1935 Italian winemakers, Santa Margherita have been passionately crafting their wines with the intention that they be served at moments of celebration with great food, family and friends. That sounds a little like Christmas if you ask us?!

Their winemakers were inspired by traditional sparkling wine vinification techniques used to ferment Pinot Grigio without skin contact which allows them to capture the delicate fruit and floral notes of this variety. The result is a heightened aroma and flavour that leans on the clean and dry side of the style.

This versatile Pinot Grigio would complement your next picnic, dinner party, or spontaneous gathering perfectly.

You can pick up a bottle to try over your own long lunch with friends from Dan Murphys.

Yellow Tail Sparkling Cocktails

Summer’s ready, and so are your cocktails! We popped open Yellow Tail’s new Sparkling Cocktails to try for ourselves and they are bursting with fresh flavours.

Made by blending real fruit and cool-climate grapes, these beauties are ready to party. Our favourite was the Wild Peach Bellini, which had a great sweetness to it that paired perfectly with some pancakes and fresh fruit over a long brunch with friends.

The other new flavour is the Blood Orange Mimosa which we think would go down a treat with some fresh watermelon or fruit salad on a hot summers day.

We’re guilty of sometimes just wanting to sit back and relax, so to keep on of these in the fridge to pop and serve on a whim works a treat. If you want to get a little fancy, garnishes like fresh slices of peach or blood orange to make them extra Insta-worthy.

So ditch the cocktail shaker and grab a bottle. Summer’s sizzling, and your Sparkling Cocktails are waiting! You can pick them up to try yourself at Dan Murphys.

Passoã Passionfruit Cocktails

Passoã is a fruity, tropical liqueur bursting with the taste of passionfruit. This French-made spirit has captivated palates since 1985, so we’d be surprised if you hadn’t seen the distinctly black and yellow sunset bottles on the back shelf of your local bars or pubs.

Offering a unique twist to cocktails and even desserts, Passoã Liqueur is made with real passionfruit juice from Brazil. It boasts a vibrant orange colour and an aroma that evokes the tropics (hello summer!). The flavour is sweet and tangy, with a passionfruit punch balanced by subtle citrus notes.

Crafted with a blend of passionfruit juice, neutral grain spirit, sugar, and natural flavours, the exact recipe is a closely guarded secret, but the use of real fruit juice is what gives Passoã its delicious taste.

We love using a little bit in Prosecco, or even mixed into a Sangria. But one of our favourite cocktails with the spirit is a simple Passoã and tonic, mixed to your personal taste. This simple blend cuts a lot of the sweetness out and leaves a lovely tart taste, perfect for watching the sunset.

Ready to give these cocktail ideas a go for yourself? You can grab a bottle from Dan Murphys or try out a very special range of cocktails (including the Instagrammable Passoã Trees pictured above) at Melbourne’s iconic Morris Jones.

– The Plus Ones Team

Please drink responsibly. We’re really excited for Summer in Melbourne, so keep an eye on our pages for lots of upcoming events or try these drinks out in the comfort of your own home (or picnic!) this holiday season.

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Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited to try these drinks courtesy of Dialogue PR, HHPR, Maven PR.