Level up your gifting game with the Good Day People

After a crazy 2020, we all deserve to have a good day. That sentiment is heartily shared by the Good Day People, an online gift store that truly reinvents the gift hamper. What stood out to me was the locality and range of products. Not only are most Australian, but they also have a wide range that doesn’t compromise on quality, with everything from wine to tea to books to beauty products. Choosing a gift hamper for a friend has truly never been easier, no matter which occasion. 

In my case, the hamper that caught my eye was Fit Felicity, a hamper perfect for someone who loves self-help, pampering themselves, whilst staying healthy. As someone who’s in love with chai, skincare and early morning jogs, I didn’t need to be told twice that this hamper was right up my alley.

It came with a variety of awe-inspiring goodies: Altina alcohol-free cocktail, because you don’t need alcohol to have a good time; Mayde tea earl grey, organic, invigorating, and perfect for mornings; mixed bag original chai, containing high-quality masala spices combined with fresh Australian ingredients; sunny Queensland Wondaree honey macadamias; and last but not least, a Black Blaze candle to pull the hamper together. As a big tea lover, the earl grey tea was immediately put to the test. It delivered – strong and smooth, pairing greatly with soy milk.

Of course, we can’t forget about the packaging: fresh, exciting and a real delight to receive. We received the Packaging Design 2, but overall, there are five to choose from, all of which will undoubtedly brighten someone’s day. Taking each item out one by one was also incredibly satisfying, and it’s easy to imagine what a great surprise it would be for someone receiving it as a present!

Alongside the packaging, another aspect that really sets the Good Day People apart from the crowd is their variety of available hampers, each wonderfully different and tailorable. For the gin lover in your life, there’s the Casual Clare, for the foodie, there’s Salty Simon, for the new mum, there’s Pregnant Polly. There’s even a vegan hamper, Vegan Megan. Each hamper has it’s own quirks and unique features that align it with the person it’s aimed for – not an easy thing to pull off, yet the Good Day People did a wonderful job of it!

Best of all, the people at the heart of the company are a wonderful, Sydney-based couple, Jacob Leung and Sarah-Jane Ho. After Covid disrupted their wedding preparations, they turned their frustration into positive energy, and created the Good Day People, truly finding the silver lining out of a storm cloud.

Ultimately, I found the gift hamper to be high-quality, fun and well worth it. 

Whether you’re looking for a birthday present for a mate, or a mother’s day hamper, you can’t go wrong with the Good Day People. With their eco-friendly packaging and fun products, they’re a delight to receive. 

My top tip? Take some time to really go through the hampers – just be aware that you might end up buying one for yourself!

– Daniela

Daniela Koulikov is a freelance writer who loves all things nature and movie related. You can follow her at @danikoul.

To pick up a hamper, or to check out what other goodies the Good Day People sell, check out their website.

The Plus Ones were invited guests of the Good Day People.
Image credit: supplied.