Watson – World Tour at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival

For many years, Watson have appeared at the Comedy Festival. What was a duo when I last saw them is now a trio, Liam Ryan having joined Tegan Higginbotham and Adam McKenzie. For 2018, they are back with a show simply titled ‘World Tour‘.

Watson’s trademark has always been frenetic, fast-paced sketches. In the past, these have been strung together in a theme, such as the spies and conspiracies of the Super Secret Awesome Show of 2011. This year has a different format–a series of mostly unrelated short comedic vignettes instead of an hour-long story–but was as frenetic and funny as we remembered.

Given the late start time and relatively small room (shows start at 11pm in the Hooper Room of the Imperial Hotel), one might expect an hour of laid-back storytelling. One would definitely be wrong. The lack of theme has added even more chaos into the mix, with barely time to process the end of one manic skit before they are racing off onto something completely different. Subjects bounce from tech support for old relatives to an award ceremony interview to robots taking over jobs. There’s even some mime thrown in.

While most of the sketches appeared to be at least theoretically scripted (surely lines like “I thought we agreed not to use that bit!” were rehearsed, right?), the performers did ask for audience input during a few improv segments. The glee with which the requester assigned off-the-wall responses to another member who had to incorporate it into a skit added to the fun.

If you want chaotic, energetic comedy, head down to see Watson at The Imperial.

– Craig
A night owl by preference, Craig Macbride appreciates being able to watch live comedy approaching midnight.

Watson – World Tour runs Thu/Fri/Sat at 11pm until 21 April at The Imperial Hotel.
The venue is accessible. (However, they have the level corner entrance blocked and force you to climb a half step at the main entrance.)

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Image credit: Melbourne International Comedy Festival.