Sexpo 2016: sexy firefighters and amateur stripping competitions

Sexpo creates an adult carnival in what is certainly the most unusual use for the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre I have seen. (The carnival part is literal – with sexual themed rides, games, and showbags.) The tone was set for the evening when upon arrival we were offered samples of ice cream topped with flavoured lube.

My plus one and I soon found ourselves at the main stage where MenXclusive were showing off their abs and tearaway pants. (A decision was quickly made to include a visit the ‘ladies lounge’ to get a closer view of the hotties later.) There were numerous female acts as well, including Miss Nude World’s halo-themed strip performance.

Sexpo Melbourne 2016

Wandering through the merchants’ booths revealed everything from whips, sex toys, and condoms to paintball, inflatable hammocks, and live tattoos. At one point a woman selling penis-shaped candles placed one under our noses and encouraged us to ‘smell my dick’.

The focus was heavily hetrosexual, with a significant porn influence (including adult stars in attendance). While a basic entry ticket was relatively low for Convention Centre events ($17), once inside everyone is selling something – from chocolate-covered strawberries to lap dances. The people that seemed to be getting the most out of the event were the straight couples on a naughty night out.

As an added bonus, you might walk by the giant television screens and see a replay of your co-worker competing in the amateur strip competition. Which may or may not (*cough* totally did) happen on our Sexpo escapade.

– Gem
Gem supports gleeful nudity, regardless of co-worker status.

Sexpo runs yearly in Melbourne and Sydney. Make sure to go next year for a fun dose of adult entertainment.

Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of Sexpo.
Image credit: The Plus Ones.