Seductive Parisian nights at ‘Bijou’ at The Butterfly Club

A Parisian café. Year 1933. Against the backdrop of a Depression-era Europe. Mesdames et Messieurs, let me introduce you to Bijou. Once a shining star of the Paris nighttime scene, merciless years have taken a toll on her beauty. Her glorious days are long gone, but she will unleash for you the adventures of her extravagant past.

Bijou‘ is a rollercoaster ride of a performance about the gaudy life of a young promiscuous Parisian woman. Played by Chrissie Shaw, and accompanied by Alan Hicks on the piano, this playful cabaret show delivers an awe-inspiring hour of scandalous stories, plenty of laughs, and a particularly large serving of sass.

On the stage, there is storytelling, singing, dancing and palm reading. Her view of events is disorientated, her notion of time is blurred, and her memory is unreliable. We are not sure either if it is past or present, nor if we are being told the truth or some fantasies.

Love, lust, loss… All conveyed beautifully with heartfelt acting and some wonderful French music. Chrissie Shaw is a captivating performer, making all the eyes fixate on her. Piano tunes from Debussy, Poulenc, Duparc, and Satie are the co-stars of the night rather than the background music. The ambience on the stage with nicely-formed set design, well-balanced lighting, and mischievous costumes (think French jarretière, risqué nightgowns, and pearls) completes the picture and creates an immersive experience.

‘Bijou’ is a light-hearted one-woman show that makes a great evening out, albeit touching on delicate subjects like morality, religion, abuse, sexuality, war, and invasion. Do yourself a favour and take a one-way ticket to Paris for a night.

Then step into the world of the saucy and irresistible Bijou. Let her seduce you.

Busra crossed the oceans and made a comeback to her beloved city. As a thriving arts manager, she lets herself loose in Melbourne’s refined arts scene.

‘Bijou’ runs 23–27 November, 7pm, at The Butterfly Club. Purchase tickets now.
The venue is not accessible.

Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of Sarah Hamilton.
Image credit: Sarah Hamilton.