Melbourne Fringe: ‘Who We Were’

There’s no generation quite like Gen Y for wallowing in nostalgia. So much so that there is now a show at Fringe dedicated exactly to our childhood whimsy and the love of our shared past, ‘Who We Were’.

To really set the mood, we walked into a darkened room with S Club 7 playing, which, if that wasn’t already good enough, segued into that tone we all loved to hate – the dial-up internet tone, which garnered many laughs and whoops of appreciation before the cast even came on stage.

‘Who We Were’ explores the dreams we had as kids for our futures and the angst of our teenage years – fuelled by the internet boom and emo music. The play off between who we thought we would be and who we are now is interspersed with moments of exaggerated humour, alternate realities and spontaneous musical numbers – in true Fringe style. Pop culture references and one-hit wonders lift the mood and hi the right spot again and again.

Don’t be fooled by the humour though. ‘Who We Were’ also addresses fears and anxieties of a generation who grew up in constant comparison to each other and those generations that came before us. It is lighthearted yet dark all at once, making it one of the most relatable shows I’ve been to yet. ‘Who We Were’ is guaranteed to make you laugh out loud, sing along and sob for our innocent childhoods, when all it took was a fortune telling rubber to make us (well, some of us) feel better.

Oh, GTG, mum needs me to get off the internet so she can use the phone.

Charli W. is a creative writer, food lover, and Harry Potter aficionada in her last year of a History degree. She is sure she will find a way combine these things one day, to great success. If not, she’ll pack up and become a bartender somewhere in the Caribbean with a fabulous year-round tan.

Who We Were plays at the Improv Comedy Theatre until September 23. Don’t miss this one, unless you don’t enjoy fun nights out. 

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Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of Who We Were.
Photo credit: Who We Were.