Melbourne Fringe: ‘Sediment’

The month of September marks plenty of celebrations for Melbourne: the arrival of spring and the start of the festival season, to name a few. The Melbourne Fringe Festival is back in town with an exhilarating program, and that can only mean Melburnians are in treat for an independent art galore. Created by supernaturally-talented David Carberry and Chelsea McGuffin from Company 2, ‘Sediment‘ is a breath of fresh air in this year’s experimental circus program.

Acrobatically speaking, it’s an act of defiance. Besides, the captivating profundity of the plot takes ‘Sediment’ to another level.

A salute to Dostoevsky’s classic existentialist novella ‘Notes From the Underground’, ‘Sediment’ ventures down to the perplexing nature of humankind and scratches this uncharted territory. What lies beneath our decisions and actions? What sparks our desires and drives our motives? Versatile performers David Carberry and Alice Muntz pursue the answers on the stage through tactful circus manoeuvres, elegant dance sequences and otherworldly musical elements. They perform physically challenging moves with a flair and finesse and create their soundtrack from the typewriter, office desk, glassware and rusty piano strings.

The story evolves so effortlessly that the whole performance almost feels like an improvisation. The end product is a poignant and sophisticated show that leaves the audience blank when the lights are back on, then brings them to their feet straight after.

There is circus, and then there is ‘Sediment’. This unassuming yet powerful show promises a pervasive experience that takes you afar for sixty-minutes. Join the Melbourne Fringe insanity, indulge in your inner philosopher and adventurer, and enjoy the ride. You might find out a thing or two about your deeper-self.

Busra crossed the oceans and made a comeback to her beloved city. As a thriving arts manager, she lets herself loose in Melbourne’s refined arts scene.

‘Sediment’ runs 14 September – 1 October at Gasworks Arts Park. Purchase tickets now.
The venue is accessible.

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Image credit: Melbourne Fringe.