Melbourne Fringe: ‘Pink Flappy Bits’ presented by The Renegades

Meet Tara Dowler and Louise Mapleston. For one hour these girls are going to tell you about their Pink Flappy Bits. They are your typical white, heterosexual, cisgender, privileged middle-class feminists. So you could say they are the experts on the topic? Wrong! What Tara and Louise offer is a night of hilarity where audience members can learn from their mistakes about the little guy down-stairs, relationships and life.

With Tara on the guitar and Louise on the trumpet, these girls give you an evening of mostly awkward vagina stories. I can honestly say that this is the first Fringe show that I have non-stopped laughed and smiled from beginning to end. There are so many moments where you will cringe at a story, or look to a friend and say ‘yeah I thought that growing up too’. Perhaps you won’t, but probably not, because these girls have mastered self-deprecating humour.

The girls have some pretty rocking costumes designed and created by Alana Coventry. Tara in a black spandex playsuit with a little sequined vagina on the front, and Louise is wearing just a cute sequined pink and black two piece. It was just a really fun night. I recommend seeing the show with a bunch of friends, girls or guys, because both sexes will have a big old laugh.

It is a cabaret performance, so head up early for drinks and enjoy the cool and hip vibes of The Butterfly Club. Even my sister loved it (and she was asked on stage to demonstrate her biology knowledge — which she wasn’t very good at).

– Amber
Amber Bock is a freelance stage manager who is excited to keep you up to date with Melbourne’s best theatre.

Only running till 2 October at The Butterfly Club, it would be a sin not to catch. So book now!

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Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of Pink Flappy Bits.
Image credit: Melbourne Fringe.