Exclusive party at The Barre with Time Out Melbourne

Need a place for an arty conversation? The Arts Centre Melbourne bar is set up to be your pre, post (and possibly during) show chat. In appropriately-titled The Barre (dance pun!) you can both grab a drink and gander at art. Located under the spire, the bar will wet your whistle and keep you out of the rain once you’ve made it to show time. Or swing by next time you fancy a night out around Southbank.

On The List's Candy and friend

On The List‘s Candy and friend

We had the privilege to attend an exclusive party thrown by Time Out Melbourne. Featuring a signature Four Pillars Gin cocktail (with fairy floss?!?), there was also Stomping Ground pale ale, and Yering Station wine for good measure. There were also nibbles from the menu. Unfortunately, like a total event newbie, I failed to stand close to the kitchen. While I cannot comment on the range of food, I hear it involved local ingredients in the mini pork sliders, peking duck rice paper rolls, and white chocolate basil panna cotta.

Time Out Melbourne

Fortunately, I was proactive enough to sample the beer-y ice cream at the end of the night. This treat utilised Bearbrass milk stout and Upside Down brown ale from Stomping Grounds. The milk stout was the crowd pleaser, but one sample of the brown ale ice cream and I was sold. My description was ‘tastes like a brewery’ (in the best way possible). The Stomping Ground rep, with a more refined palate, immediately stated it tasted like wort (a sweet liquid from barley before fermentation). Whatever stage of the brewing process you prefer, the Billy Van Creamery worked a bit of magic with the ice cream.

Time Out Melbourne

If you fancy experiencing The Barre for yourself, stop by and tread the boards of Hammer Hall. (The bar’s floor is recycled from the old stage floor.) Or just come ogle Kylie Minogue’s hot pants – they’ve also taken up residence at Arts Centre Melbourne.

– Jen
Jenny likes to combine art and booze, because she’s classy.

The Barre is located at 100 St. Kilda Road, inside Arts Centre Melbourne. Learn more about current exhibitions and Kylie’s hot pants here.

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Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of Time Out Melbourne.