‘Regression’ by Bitten By Productions

‘Regression’ the play explored how perception of self affects not only how we relate to our present selves, but our future and past selves. Written by Gabriel Bergmoser, the 2015 winner of the Sir Peter Ustinov Television Scriptwriting Award and directed by internationally renowned playwright Joachim Matschoss.  The cast included Tim Constantine, Jason Jeffries, Tom Reed and Samantha Cunnane.

This play explores what the implications would be if we were able to exist in a space between now and the past, where we could communicate with our younger selves. The protagonist gradually declines from an ambitious young ‘go getter’ to an almost middle aged man who spends progressively more of his his time making excuses for giving up, rather than achieving his dreams.

I enjoyed the intimate and immersive theatre in the round setting, with multimedia and music, in a beautiful high ceilinged room above a coffee roaster Allpress in Collingwood. My enjoyment was somewhat dampened by the cold, as the room was unheated and the only drink available was water. By halfway through the play I could no longer feel my extremities. I had been at another event in the same location the week before in equally cold weather and I underestimated the difference a glass of wine and many more bodies had on heating a space. The cast did incredibly well in such brisk conditions, given there were no wings to escape to and staging required that they stand stock still for extended times.

I attended with a friend of the playwright and once we were again warm and fed, a lovely existential debate ensued. We both agreed that we very much liked ‘Regression’. There were a few niggling questions that if answered would have helped us further suspend disbelief and be able to more deeply enjoy the play. All in all, a good first performance of a new play.

– Emmanuella
Voice and Performance coach and founder of Find Your Voice, Emmanuella believes that with the right teacher anyone can learn to sing better.

‘Regresssion’ ran from the 22nd to 27th of August 2016 at Allpress Studio in Collingwood. 

Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of Bitten By Productions.
Photo credit: Bitten By Productions.