Campari embrace the bitterness


Campari are on a mission to introduce us to the wonderful pastime that is the Italian drinking culture. The king of aperitifs is hosting a range of sessions to showcase the bittersweet, herbaceous and divinely smooth range of amaro liqueurs in a quest to help us #EMBRACETHEBITTERNESS.

My plus one and I joined the Campari crew, including brand ambassador Jamie Chesher, at The Posty in Richmond for a night of mouth-watering wood fire pizzas and matched amaro. With a focus on Braulio, Cynar and Averna, the lesser known siblings of the Campari brand, this event is a must-do for your inner mixologist.

Our journey into the wonderful world of bitterness started with a Braulio cocktail with grapefruit, mint and agrum. The wood-fired pizzas were matched with Averna, Braulio and Cynar on the rocks. The pizzas are fantastic, and the liqueurs were very well matched. My personal favourite of the night was the Braulio; this bittersweet syrup made for easy, tasty drinking.  

Embrace the Bitterness

Each round of liqueur was followed by a brief, yet enlightening, educational session. From the history of the recipes, to recommendations on how and when to drink each liqueur, the Campari crew are certainly captivating in their knowledge. A couple of my favourite titbits were that the recipe for Averna is over 150 years old and Cynar, which is also the botanical name for an artichoke, is in fact concocted using its namesake as one of the main ingredients.

I walked away with some new additions to my drinking rotation and am glad that I embraced the bitterness. 

– Ashanie
Ashanie Perera is a foodaholic and avid eater. When she’s not dreaming about her next meal, she can be found running around the block to continue fitting into her current clothes. @thepursuitofchubbyness

Stay tuned for future events hosted by Campari, including a boozy Friday lunch at Nieuw Amsterdam in late August, a late night supper in September, and a cocktail matching session at the end of October.

Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of Campari.