Peter Bjorn and John

A psychedelic night with Peter, Bjorn and John

The Corner Hotel is just a stone’s throw away from Richmond station. The live music venue has welcomed national and international artists since the 1940s, but today it serves up a mix that ranges from renowned DJs to experimental jazz and breakthrough acts. Bottom line – you’re always in for a surprise. Peter, Bjorn and John‘s show was no exception.

Even though I already knew Peter, Bjorn and John and thoroughly enjoyed their catchy songs, I had no idea they had such overwhelming energy on stage. The night started with Hein Cooper performing in the opening act. He’s an emerging Sydney-based singer/songwriter with a promising career ahead. Cooper definitely set the mood with his mellow tunes, but when Peter, Bjorn and John took the stage, they blew us all away.

Originally from Sweden, the indie rock band has been around for 17 years. They have recorded seven albums so they have plenty of material to choose from. Their style instantly transported us to the 70s or 80s — where psychedelic colours light the atmosphere, electric strings fill the air, and lead singers leap into the crowd and are carried around through the room (yes, Peter actually did this). The band performed some of their all-time favourites including ‘Young Folks’, ‘Second Chance’ and ‘Breaking Point’, their new album’s lead single.

The crowd was just as amazing. A guy in a wheelchair made his way to the front of the stage with a smile bigger than his face. Teens and elderly danced shoulder to shoulder and asked for more when the show came to an end. This request was met not by one, but by about four more songs. To bid their farewell, Peter, Bjorn and John invited a lucky attendee onstage – a Latin girl that had been screaming for ‘Amsterdam’ and got her wish while she sang alongside Peter onstage.

Peter, Bjorn and John definitely gave us a night to remember. They showed us that ‘life’s too short to go and throw it away’ and they definitely made the best of our day.

– Lourdes
Lourdes Zamanillo is a Mexican journalist that recently moved to Australia to study a Master’s in Sustainable Tourism. She loves words, travelling, and (above all) feeling surprised.

Peter, Bjorn and John is a touring one-night-only show in Sydney, Melbourne and Byron Bay. Go to their webpage to find out when they play in a stage near you.

Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of Secret Service.