Fred Fowler x Gorman launch at the Melbourne Museum

Clothing line Gorman has teamed up with contemporary Melbourne artist, Fred Fowler, to create a 43-piece winter collection entitled Fred Fowler X Gorman. This is the second nature-inspired  collaboration event for Lisa Gorman and the Melbourne Museum.

My plus ones and I were treated to a glamorous evening of fashion, art, canapés, and drinks. The catering was on point with champagne, wine, and beer being served in between half a dozen creative and tasty hors d’oeuvres that were as artfully designed as the fashion. The museum was bustling with people from all walks of life: artists, painters, photographers, fashion bloggers, Gorman employees. Sipping on a glass of bubbly, I wove my way through the crowds to ogle the fancily dressed mannequins and attempt to appreciate the vision behind the artful textiles.

Gorman x Fred Fowler launch

Gorman x Fred Fowler launch

The inspiration for this current collection comes from ‘semi-abstract landscapes of Australia and Oceania that reflect themes of colonialism, globalisation, and the environment. Fowler’s recent works are supposed to reflect symbols of native and invasive flora and fauna.’ Despite my best efforts, I was unable to locate the subtle theme of colonisation in the clothing (this is probably because I’m a newbie to the fashion world). However, I was successful in identifying the more obvious Australian fauna that inspired some of Fowler’s designs. I was impressed by the cultural and natural inspiration behind this stunning line of clothing.

Gorman x Fred Fowler launch

The Fred Fowler X Gorman winter collection showcases rich colours, textures, and unique abstract nature-inspired images that compliment the classic shapes associated with the Gorman’s signature look of 80s coloured pastels, boxy cut jackets, and bright patterns. Personally, I found myself gravitating toward the super-shiny silver shoes and the colourful bird prints. I was fascinated with how Fowler achieved the intense multi-layered bird silhouettes and the amazing attention to detail in the smaller blouses.

Gorman x Fred Fowler launch

Knowing Melbourne to be the fashion capital of Australia, I half-expected to see leggy models wearing extreme ‘concept outfits’ that resembled something Kristen Wig’s character would have worn in Zoolander 2, but I was pleasantly surprised. The Fred Fowler X Gorman winter collection wasn’t pretentious or superfluous. Instead, I saw artfully designed clothes that actual real people could wear. It was great first introduction to Melbourne’s fashion scene and the Melbourne Museum.

It was a fantastic event for dedicated fashion lovers and newbies alike. I had much more fun than expected. Although this was my first fashion event in Melbourne and my first trip to the museum, it certainly won’t be my last. I’m officially hooked.

Vanessa is recent Melbourne transplant from California and a great aficionada of all of Melbourne’s tasty, interesting, and fun cultural events.

Fans of the new Fred Fowler X Gorman collection can purchase clothes in Gorman stores near you.

Disclosure: The Plus Ones were the invited guests of Museums Victoria.