Comedy Festival: Jen Carnovale – Wronger Than You

Jen Carnovale probably wanted to talk about all the successes in her life, but instead brings us her show, ‘Wronger than You’, in which she regales us with her failed attempts to be an adult. Well, not totally failed, but certainly off the track at times.

The pixie-like Jen recounts all manner of funny tales, many involving her plethora of job experiences dealing with customers, coworkers, and children. How could this Sydney girl have kept her sanity? Maybe by taking holidays overseas? No, I don’t think that helped her sanity — but it certainly gave her more stories to tell.

The setting for the show is The Bull and Bear Tavern. It mostly serves the usual pub grub, but we didn’t have time to eat a full dinner before the show. Being peckish, we grabbed some of their steamed dim sims and were pleasantly surprised that they came with a delicious, sticky plum sauce.

Despite being in a tiny venue without the benefit of a large audience to feed off, Jen kept up a rapid pace without hesitation, throwing in some great accents along the way. She flitted from story to story with ease, whether talking about the kind of people you meet at 4:30am in an airport, behavioural needs children, or how she got locked in a shop. Jen was self-deprecating and gave a genuinely enjoyable show.

– Craig
Whenever possible, Craig Macbride avoids being at airports early in the morning and prefers online shopping to physical shops which can lock you in.

‘Jen Carnovale – Wronger Than You’ runs until 17 April at the Bull and Bear Tavern. The venue is accessible.

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Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of Jen Carnovale.