Comedy Festival: Akmal

Akmal has been a regular at the Comedy Festival for many years. This year he’s back with a show simply called ‘Akmal’. Luckily, way more creativity goes into his performance than naming the show.

Akmal is one of those comedians whose narrative seems to ramble off course yet mysteriously and humorously returns to the original topic to surprise you. He obviously enjoys interacting with his audience. If you sit in the front few rows or come in late, he’ll interact with you!

Whether talking about hipsters or terrorists, Akmal will have something funny to say, possibly in the same joke. This year, in addition to his regular commentary on Australian life, he tells us about his gruesome adventures in reality TV stardom.

If you enjoy conversational stand-up, then, as Akmal himself says, when it comes to funny bald guys, he’s cheaper than Carl Barron.

– Craig
Though he may turn up at the last minute to other events, Craig Macbride turns up early to comedy shows.

‘Akmal’ runs until 17 April at the Athenaeum Theatre.
The venue is accessible. (However, wheelchair seating is at the very back of the stalls, so best to take opera glasses if you want a good view from there.)

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