City and Colour’s love affair with Melbourne at the Sidney Meyer Music Bowl

Even the biggest fan of Melbourne (that would be me) has to admit that planning outdoor concerts in April takes a lot of faith in the gods of music. Thankfully, the musical gods rocked a lovely chilled night at the Sydney Myer Music Bowl for the City and Colour gig. While my plus one and I were sitting, covered in a blanket and dreaming of a hot chai, we thanked our lucky Melbourne stars.

City and Colour is the stage name for Canadian musician Dallas Green, whose beautiful and distinctive voice transcends his music to feel unique and familiar at the same time. The best moments of the show were when his band took a backseat and let his voice take centre stage.


There were many super-fans in the audience, excited by every sound. Green was very much aware of this, telling the crowd he was prepared for the angry tweets from those whose favourite song he didn’t sing.

But it seems like Australia’s love affair with City and Colour is going strong. This visit being his 15th across our shores, it proves that long distance relationships do work. Green sure puts the effort into keep the flame going: he went to his first ever footy game the night before the show – melting many hearts in the audience.

Damn musicians, they melt your heart with footy references, run back to Canada, and then they write a catchy song about it.

– Lee
Lee Gal is the biggest fan of Melbourne, and one day she’s going to write a catchy song about it.

Visit City and Colour’s website for more info on their music and upcoming gigs, and who their new footy team is.

Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of Chugg Entertainment.
Photo credit: City and Colour, Lee Gal.