Melbourne Fringe Review: Lost In The Looping Glass

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Helen Bower is a one woman orchestra, who uses her violin to create an incredible ambiance and striking melodies. Her fringe performance is at Scratch Warehouse, an open plan warehouse designed to welcome guests and artists in a collaborative community space. It’s very arty, and was the perfect backdrop for ‘Lost In The Looping Glass’.

We were welcomed at Scratch’s entrance by a choice of tea! Love. It fit the intimate lounge room ambiance that as did the pillows and beanbags scattered around the warehouse.

Bower’s performance begins in the dark. The room slowly starts to fill with a myriad of sounds, echoes and wind noises. When the lights slowly warm, you realise that these aren’t special effects, it’s Helen creating them on her violin! She very intimately brings you into her world, where you can happily let yourself go to the labyrinth of sounds.

If you want a nice and relaxing experience, a bridge between modern art, experimental music, theatre and dance, I strongly recommend ‘Lost In The Looping Glass’ you to try this show. You would be surprised by the richness and complexity that a single violin coupled with a pedal-board can produce.

– Ewan
Erwan B. is a French/Australian video editor but mostly waiter, avid reader, and wanna-be writer who tends to go out too much for his own good. As a French person, he does walk around with croissants and baguettes.

All the dates and information are on the Fringe website.

The venue is accessible.